I have worked as a language tutor for 10 years coaching people for exams and job interviews and interpreting at conferences and workshops. This naturally led me to start translating people's websites and social media accounts. 

As a binational, bicultural person living in an international household where three or more languages are spoken daily, I have an intimate understanding of the importance of good translation. A good translation must be culturally relevant and not just literal. If you are looking for someone to expertly navigate between English and French, and craft elegant, accurate translations, look no further! If you are struggling with communication and need someone to interpret for you or explain something; I have your answers!


I have always been a great admirer of the arts. My enthusiasm lies in working backstage organising things and enabling creative people to fulfill their aims.  My passions for art and organisation have come together making me a creative but meticulous stage manager, production coordinator, social media manager and administrator. I have worked for film festivals, music festivals, theatre productions, short films, and contemporary art exhibitions.  

If you wish to hire me for my translation or administration services, please contact me.